BIM and Biodiversity (Deliverable D3.5)

How to integrate the protection of biodiversity at the heart of development and management processes of buildings and infrastructures? The deliverable D3.5 of the BISON project “Application of BIM (Building Information Model) and other tools to standardise Data” invites to converge digital tools for ecology and those for construction.

Mainstreaming biodiversity in transport infrastructure along the GIS/BIM/DT continuum.


  • Deliverable D3.5 presents an inventory of existing or emerging technologies in the fields of biodiversity and infrastructure, and the possibilities to make them interoperable.
  • Data collection and analysis technologies is a particularly important topic because the proper functioning of digital tools used in ecology or in the infrastructure sector, especially modelling software, is intimately linked to the available data. In the field of construction, this mainly concerns BIM software, which allows the modelling of data for a building or infrastructure throughout its life cycle (design, construction, operation, etc.).
  • Data acquisition by sensors, whether embedded (satellites, drones, etc.) or installed in situ and networked (“internet of things”) is also an emerging technology. The deliverable focuses on the development of data analysis solutions using artificial intelligence (AI). Finally, the report addresses the issue of the standardisation of data management processes, which is necessary to allow interoperability between biodiversity tools and BIM software.
  • Finally, deliverable D3.5 deals with the concrete integration of digital solutions dedicated to biodiversity within infrastructure management tools. It details the conditions for this integration throughout the data processing chain: GIS (Geographic Information System) tools, BIM software, and soon digital twins (which will combine the modelling functions offered by BIM with data collection by sensors and AI).



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November 2, 2022



As part of the BISON project, four policy briefs have been drawn up with the aim of proposing actions at European,...

European Union flagThis project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101006661.

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