Catch up the international seminar “Transport Infrastructure and Biodiversity at a nexus of challenges”

At the end of two and a half years of work, under the combined auspices of the European Commission, the Council of Europe, and the United Nations Environment Programme-led Sustainable Infrastructure Partnership (SIP), the international seminar “Transport Infrastructure and Biodiversity at a nexus of challenges has convened diverse national, regional and international high-level actors or stakeholders into an event aiming at engaging in dialogue on the subject of infrastructure and biodiversity.

BISON’s results

WP3 – Existing and future synergies between infrastructure and biodiversity

  • Overview of the results of the WP and website ‘Handbook for Action’ Carme Rosell & Luis M. Fernández – MINUARTIA
  • Best practice identification: Eric Guinard – CEREMA & Eleni Chalkia – CERTH.
  • Emerging trends, and digitalization: Andreas Seiler – SLU & Sylvain Moulherat – UPGE

WP4 – A strategic research agenda for biodiversity-friendly transport infrastructure in Europe

  • The Strategic Research Agenda: Denis FRANÇOIS – UGE
  • A new framework for research and innova- tion: Yannick AUTRET – MTECT
  • Reflexion on implementing the SRA in Central and Eastern European countries: Ivo DOSTÁL -CDV

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Testimony of regional networks for research and innovation on infrastructure and biodiversity

  • USA – Fraser SHILLING – ICOET – US
  • Africa – Wendy COLLINSON – ACLIE – ZA
  • Oceania – Rodney VAN DER REE – ANET – AU
  • Israël – Edward YOSSILEF – NETIVE- ISR

WP5 – Recommendations, future scenarios and innovation towards the mainstreaming
of Green & Grey infrastructure

  • Recommendations towards the mainstreaming of Green & Grey Infrastructure: Matina LOUKEA – CERTH
  • The European Defragmentation Map: Marita Böttcher – BfN
  • Transport infrastructure life cycle tools, processes, and implementation barriers: Marius NISTORESCU – EPC Consultancy on behalf of WWF RO.
  • Scenarios for the future: Catherine DE ROINCÉ – UPGE & Adewole ADESIYUN FEHRL

Capacity training tools for action

  • Ceren Sila Husar and Maros Finka (STUBA)

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Joint BISON and UNEP seminar entitled “Partnership for sustainable infrastructure”.

International panorama: Overview of Infrastructure and biodiversity nexus of Challenges
Nathalie Morata – FRB

  • Eoghan KELLY- Bern Convention program coordinator:
  • Patrick MALLEJACQ – PIARC – General Secretary
  • Nicolas BUCHOUD – G7/G20 – Sustainable Quality Infrastructure Investment
  • Robert AMENT – IUCN/CLLC, Senior Conservationist
  • Steve PHILIPS (CEDR, General Secretary)
  • Pinar YILMAZERUIC – Sustainability Programme Snr. Advisor

How to reach symbiosis between infrastructures and biodiversity? Key results from the BISON project and the strategic agenda for research, Innovation, and Deployment
Moderator: Elizabeth LOSOS – Duke University

  • Yannick AUTRET – MTECT, National Research Programme Manager
  • Thierry GOGER – FEHRL General Secretary
  • Charlotte NAVARRO Executive Secretary of the IENE association
  • Carme ROSELL – Minuartia Senior expert on biodiversity and transport
  • Andreas SEILER – SLU, IENE Scientific and Expert Committee chair

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Research and Innovation as Drivers for transformative changes
Moderator: Yannick AUTRET – MTECT

– Sebastien DENIS – Europe’s Rail – Senior Programme Manager Sustainable and green solutions
– Elke HAHN – BMK – IENE – DACH, President of IENE
– Rainer SODTKE Biodiversa +, Vice Chair
– Nicolas WALTER, CoARA – Coordinator of the CoARA Secretariat European Commission
– Claudia CIUCA – CINEA – DG Research
– Edward Perry, OECD, Analyst – Climate, Biodiversity, and Water

The Role of private investments shaping the Incorporation of biodiversity into infrastructure
Moderator: Nicolas BUCHOUD – G7/G20 – Sustainable Quality Infrastructure Investment

– Introductive presentation “Scenarios for the future” Catherine DE ROINCÉ (UPGE) and Eleni CHALKIA (CERTH)
– Savina CARLUCCIO- ICSI, Executive Director
– Louis DOWNING – Global Infrastructure Basel, CEO
– Caroline LHUILLERY – ISO – TC 331, Committee Manager for Standardisation on Biodiversity
– Claire TUTENUIT – EPE, General Delegate
– Cédric VAN RIEL – Sustainable Infrastructure Foundation, Senior Integration Manager

Sustainable Infrastructure Partnership – a community of learners, the role of Hubs and Perspectives Moderator: Savina CARLUCCIO – Executive Director at International Coalition for Sustainable Infrastructure (ICSI)

– Elizabeth LOSOS – Duke University
– Mladen MARKOVIC Roads of Serbia, Chief Engineer for the National Integration Program for Road Infrastructure
– Rodney VAN DER REE – WSP in Australia & New Zealand

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June 27, 2023



As part of the BISON project, four policy briefs have been drawn up with the aim of proposing actions at European,...

European Union flagThis project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101006661.

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