Short name: TerrOïko

Country: France

Type of organisation:


TerrOïko develops innovative digital technologies for data processing, analysis and modeling in the field of biodiversity. Founded in 2012 by French Catherine de Roincé (agronomy engineer and PhD in agro-ecology) and Sylvain Moulherat (PhD in ecology), the company works at the crossroads of scientific research, computer development and ecological engineering. In particular, TerrOïko uses SimOïko, a modeling software designed to simulate species population dynamics resulting from 10 years of research in ecology. The company is also working on the monitoring and integration of biodiversity data in connection with GIS, building, transport infrastructures and cities information modeling (BIM/CIM), the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and digital twins. These activities and tools aim at allowing public authorities and private stakeholders involved in the fields of land-use planning, infrastructures management, natural and urban areas management or ecological engineering to streamline the development of their projects and make decisions that affect the future of local territories.

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