Centre de Recherches Interdisciplinaires en Droit de l’Environnement de l’Aménagement et de l’UrbanismeEquipe thématique de l’Observatoire des Mutations Institutionnelles et Juridiques Université de Limoges

Short name: OMIJ- CRIDEAU

Country: France

Type of organisation: Thematic team of the Observatory of Institutional and Legal Changes (OMIJ)


The Interdisciplinary Research Centre for Environmental, Urban Planning and Development Law (CRIDEAU) was created in 1973. Since 2008, the CRIDEAU is a thematic team of the Observatory of Institutional and Legal Changes (OMIJ). The team is actualy lead by the profesor Jessica Makowiak. The CRIDEAU hosted the International Center for Comparative Environmental Law (CIDCE), an INGO chaired by Michel Prieur since 1982 which the main mission is to “bringing together environmental lawyers from around the world to help the advancement of environmental law at international and regional meetings and conferences”. The activites of the CRIDEAU team is group around the following work programme: “Justice and protection of fundamental rights”. The CRIDEAU focuses its activities around specific scientific programmes:
-Environmental democracy (information and public participation, access to justice, governance, no regression etc.)
– Biodiversity (ordinary nature, environmental assessment, ecological Solidarity etc.)
– Sustainable city (climate change and resilience, energy and city, participative housing etc.)

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